Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day Three: Do it Yourself!

It's now day three of Snow Fest 2011. My neighborhood has been completely iced in since Sunday night, and watching people attempt to drive up the massive hill in front of our house reminded me of a bad video game. By Monday afternoon people simply stopped trying to come or go - scared off by the pile of abandoned cars and fender-benders at the bottom of the hill. But by yesterday morning, enough people had had enough, and about 15 residents joined forces - and shovels - and literally dug the main road out from several inches of packed snow and ice. "Sometimes, you've just got to do it yourself," one neighbor said when I brought them out drinks. And then that got me thinking: I *love* do-it-yourself projects, especially arts and crafts. I found a great website that has all kinds of do-it-yourself ideas, which is especially helpful for homes with kids who by now might be ready to head back to school just to get out of the house. Check it out at:

Here are a few of my favorite snow pictures. Send us your favorite snow-day pictures and stories and we'll feature them on our website! Email them to:

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