Friday, January 29, 2010

Biker Chic

As we inch closer and closer to prom time, why not think about pairing your formal attire with an edgy leather jacket. This addition gives the outfit a sense of mystery and toughness while still remaining flirty and fun.

Jessi is wearing:

Earrings - $4.00

Necklace - Black beads, $8.00

Necklace - Mulit-color beads, $18.00

Jacket - Size medium, $20.00

Dress - Niteline, Size 12, $65.00

Bootie - Nine West, size 9, $20.00

Modeled by Jessi

Styled by Stephanie

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sexy yet Comfortable

Who ever said beauty is pain is wrong! Comfy and sexy can go hand in hand. Boots are super popular right now and you can wear them with ANYTHING. Don't be scared to step out in a cute dress with a pair of your most comfortable flat boots.

Christie is wearing:

Dress & Belt - xs, $28.00

Cardigan - vintage, size medium, $18.00

Boot - Steve Madden, size 6, $32.00

Bag - Diesel, $20.00

Earrings - $4.00

Modeled by Christie

Styled by Jessi

Denim Rocks

You can't go wrong with denim. You can dress it up or dress it down, wear it baggy or wear it fitted, torn or clean cut. This denim is actually a dress and decided to use the top over the dress to show off the more flattering parts of the dress (flare of bottom, spaghetti straps, v-neck). The belt simply gives more definition to her shape. The boots speak for themselves.

Chrisite is wearing:

Dress - Moda International, size 2, $18.00

Top - medium, $15.00

Boot - Dan Post, size 7, $45.00

Belt - Neiman Marcus, large, $15.00

Necklace Set - $13.00

Modeled by Christie

Styled by Jessi

Boring to Bold

I decided to take what could have been a very plain and boring white dress and added pops of color through out. I used the teal tights to accent the bold 80's colors in the top. The bootie gave the outfit that extra edge. Christie now has the perfect outfit for her man's next rock show!

Chrisite is wearing:

Dress - Zara Basic, size xs, $22.00

Top - large, $10.00

Boots - Vince Camuio, size 7, $32.00

Tights - size xs, $3.00

Earrings - $7.00

Modeled by Christie

Styled by Jessi

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Find your muse...

Pairing a great vintage piece with a current style adds a unique flare to the outfit. I love this jacket and was determined to have someone model it. I used the jacket as my muse and the rest just came to me! Sometimes all you need is that one special piece and from there, a great outfit is created!

Stephanie is wearing:

Jacket - vintage (made in Paris), size medium, $34.00

Shirt - Sigrid Olsen, size petite medium, $12.00

Jeans - size 11, $10.00

Boots - Volatile, size 9, $30.00

Necklace Set - $18.00

Modeled by Stephanie

Styled by Jessi

Monday, January 25, 2010


Sometimes all you need are the basics; pants, shirt, & shoes. Rolling out of bed, dressing, and then making it look like an effort was made is the easiest way to dress! Mix fun colors with a neutral color plus a little texture and you have a simple outfit guaranteed to make head twirls!

Christie is wearing:

Shirt (cami & lace shirt) - size small, $16.00

Pants - Hollister, size 2, $14.00

Shoes - Stellablu, size 6, $36.00

Scarf - $6.00

Modeled by Christie

Styled byJessi

Nature Inspired

Sometimes it's fun to pull inspiration from nature to create great outfits out of items you would not normally throw together. This outfit's color scheme was pulled from Dafodils, which means that spring is on the way!

Jessi is wearing:

Skirt - size 6, $11.00

Shirt - Burberry, size medium, $31.00

Vest - Three Dots, size small, $14.00

Coat - retro Gap, size medium, $22.00

Boot - Pazzo, size 8 1/2, $16.00

Earrings - $3.00

Sunglasses - BCBG, $9.00

Modeled by Jessi

Styled by Sasha

Jewel Toned

Sometimes bold choices pay off. Never be scared to choose more than one color. Not only did I pair light and dark teal (my favorite color), but I also threw in pink and purple. For the bottoms I went with brown because it looks great with blue, but is a warm color, which helps the outfit work. Just ignore the security tag still on Jessica's leg.

What Jessi is wearing:

Blazer - size small, $12.00

Pants - Hollister, size 7, $12.00

Shirt - Harve Bernard, size large, $12.00

Flats - Enzo Angiolini, size 8 1/2, $26.00\

Scarf - $8.00

Necklace Set - $10.00

Modeled by Jessi

Styled by Sasha