Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SURPRISE - Jessica's Surprise Wedding Shower!

We had a manager's meeting last night, which was also going to serve as a surprise wedding shower for Finders Keepers Fashions' manager: Jessica. Our fearless leader is getting married next month. And while she didn't want a lot of fuss made over her big day, we couldn't let her get married without a single shower! Here are a few pictures from the fun event:

I think she wanted me to stop taking pictures so she could actually cut the cake...

A beautiful cake decorated to match Jessi's wedding invitations! The cake was done by our favorite bakery: Sweet -n- Sinful in Avondale Estates!

It took Jessi until after the shower was over to realize that the cake had been designed to match her invitations! Wedding planning is stressful!

A shower is not complete without an inside joke - or, in this case, a bottle of detergent.

Dana and her daughters were a surprise arrival for Jessi. Dana will be officiating the ceremony!

Jessi read every card! Etiquette points for the bride to be!

Such a classic Jessi-face, I just had to include it!

Dana with her wonderful daughter

Monday, August 23, 2010

Take a Vacation From the Mall - Summer Clearance Starts TOMORROW!

Two is Better Than One! And this applies in TWO ways:
1) Summer Clearance starts at BOTH of our clothing stores - Finders Keepers Boutique AND Finders Keepers Fashions - TOMORROW! As soon as those doors open, all of our summer merchandise will be marked 50% OFF the original price!

2) When prices have been cut in half, you get to buy twice as much.... right? (Well, that's what I'm going to tell my husband when he eyeballs the stuffed shopping bags I'm sure I'll bring home tomorrow...)
We've got really *really* cute summer inventory still hanging on our racks. And it's so easy to use your summer wardrobe in the fall months. A sundress with a cute blazer and boots is a simple, chic way to make your closet go the distance. Not sure how to pull it together? Our store associates will be happy to help!

Take a gander at a few of our summer goodies:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Feel the Breeze...

... of our really super awesome new fan! Our store has a lot of great qualities: amazing prices, a huge selection, new inventory every single day.... but our air conditioning has its work cut out for it. It a nutshell: even if it's cranked down to 60 degrees, it can still get pretty toasty in there. So we're trying a new tactic: the addition of a really, really enormous fan. And a little shout-out here to our very favorite electrician: Bray Electrical Services, who installed the closest thing I've ever seen to a space ship turbine.... if space ships have turbines...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Finders Keepers Bag Sale - Fall 2010 Round 1

Round 1? Yep! Does that imply a Round 2? Of COURSE! For those of you who have never rushed a Bag Sale Event, I'll give you the run down: inventory in our clothing stores expires after a certain amount of time. So we take it off the sales floor and either donate it directly to a charity, or we save up a stock pile for our Bag Sale event - which is also for charity. But instead of giving them clothing we raise money from the sale of the expired clothes and we send 100% of the proceeds to one of our favorite charities: Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta (RRISA).

The best part, here's how the money is raised: We take all of the stockpiled expired merchandise from the whole season (and from both stores) and hang it up in the parking lot of our location in Avondale Estates - Finders Keepers Fashions. You get to take our medium-size shopping bags and stuff them as full as you can get them for $10 a bag - and you can stuff as many bags as you want. 100% of the money raised go DIRECTLY to RRISA - we don't keep a single dime. This bag sale raised $2200 for RRISA's work with the Haitian Medical Evacuees from the January earthquake disaster in Haiti. That $2200 brings us to a total of over $10000 raised so far since the January earthquake.

Want a peek at the madness? We've posted a video below of a short clip from the Bag Sale held last Saturday. Our next Bag Sale will be Saturday, September 25th!