Saturday, April 30, 2011

A sea of blue... and budget

I've got beach on the brain. I haven't seen the ocean in two years, and I'm going through total withdrawl. So when Jamilla sent her looks of the week: three fantabulous outfits that echoed my current sentiment for that endless, lazy blue, I couldn't help but scroll through discount travel websites for deals on airfare to somewhere with white sand beaches and salty air. Sadly, even those aren't in this new-mom's budget. But what is ALWAYS in my budget: resale therapy at Finders Keepers Consignment Stores! :)

Outfit with the multi-color scarf: Scarf: $15, Shirt (black and white, made to look like a jacket) : Folette, Medium, $20, Dress: Blueberry, Forever 21, Medium, $16

Outfit with necklace: Shirt: Blue, Worthington, Large, $12, Skirt: Green, size 6, $15

Outfit with belt: Dress: Blue, Ark & Co., Medium, $30, Belt: Green and blue, J Crew, $10

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