Thursday, November 11, 2010

Color color everywhere

I'm always ready for fall and winter fashion to make its yearly debut. Of course here in Georgia patience is required as we wait through several rounds of temporary cool-downs before fall finally and permanently descends on our southern state (usually in time for Thanksgiving... although I do recall a Christmas morning in shorts some years back, but I digress.)

In the past I've only had one bone to pick with winter-wear: the unceremonious pallets of gray, black, navy, and other equally quiet neutrals. Don't get me wrong - neutral can be chic, interesting, and down-right daring. But sometimes I look back forlornly at the season before and reminisce about the jewel tones of spring and summer splendor. However, fashion trends from the past few turns of the calender seem to be with me on this colorful matter, and welcome with open, covered arms a bolder and brighter color pallet. Purples, pinks, (side note: I heard coral was the new "it" holiday color...) greens, teals, and more are just as much of a staple as a khaki coat or a black suit.

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