Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Fashion Guide 2010

It’s a good thing that a picture is in fact worth a thousand words, because this season’s fashion favorites come to you from across the Atlantic Ocean. Here’s the back story: for Bonnie’s (owner and fearless leader of Finders Keepers Consignment Stores) 29th wedding anniversary, she and hubby Parke hopped the big blue pond and spent two weeks touring Italy. She came back inspired – and with about ten pounds worth of Italian Vogue Magazines for me to devour. I definitely can’t read or speak Italian, but fashion, my fabulous friends, is universal. Analyzing each image without the guidance of expert commentary was both daunting and liberating. And “liberated” is an essential word not only in European fashion but also in this season’s style on this side of the pond. Smart, strong, structured, and sexy, this fall's fashion is a head-on collision of Madonna and Marie Antoinette. While their many differences could span the Atlantic, both controversial, capable icons could totally rock a corset. Leather and lace, texture and tulle, details and drama, welcome to Fall 2010.

Legs: From the ‘that’s-right-I-did’ mini shorts and dresses to fishnet tights to boots, boots, and more boots, fall’s fashion themes pull out all the stops to accentuate, decorate, and celebrate your legs. For those of you who gulped at the end of that sentence, remember that those legs of yours work hard, so they should play hard too. Experiment this season and see where an inch or two of liberation leads you. (Hey, there were a few pictures in the Italian magazines where models ONLY wore shoes, so take a deep breath and a baby-step out of your box.)

Purple: That rich, satisfying color is back this season. From jewelry to shoes to dresses, purple made its mark on fall fashion runways. Italians seemed to like purple so much that it was one of the few English words in the entire magazine. In fact, one issue had an entire section devoted to purple, which was curiously titled: “Purple Haze Lyric.”

Mini: Fall’s teacher’s pet is quite a sassy student: mini-length leather shorts go the distance – from work to weekend wear and everything in between. Not so sure that leather shorts will play well with others in your closet? A button-down blouse and a chic blazer add structure and style, and I’d bet they’re pieces you’re already comfortable wearing.

Boots: Stilettos have taken a back seat to boots this season. And in perfect harmony to the mini-length of shorts and skirts, over-the-knee boots are fall’s most coveted footwear. But booties would not go quietly, and are still making noise on this season’s scene. If boots just aren’t your thing, opt for clogs or wedges.

Texture: You know when you feel it – when what you’re wearing says something about your insides that words just won’t do justice. And this season’s fabrics and details make you want to reach out and touch them: fur, feathers, fringe, lace, netting, leather, darts, tiers, tulle, beads, silk, and sequins, to name a few. The textures of fall pay tribute to the fact that fashion at its core is truly a work of art.

Wild: Wildlife is often a major player in a designer’s inspiration, and this season was no exception. Zebra and leopard lead the way in the jungle’s takeover of fall patterns. From insect-inspired pendants and broaches to full-length feathered gowns, nature gives a nod to fashion pieces of all sizes.

Neutral: A focus on neutrals is spring’s gift to this season’s style. The structure and hues of last summer’s safari trek forward into fall. Cream, gray, ivory, chocolate, khaki, cinnamon, and more delicious colors make for a smooth, sleek look and are easy to accent with splashes of jewel tones or metallics.

Bejeweled: Big, bold, beautiful necklaces step into the spotlight as the must-have accessory of the season. And you better scoop up a couple of them, because a single strand simply won’t do. Mixing and layering statement necklaces take last fall’s trend a step further this year. And this season’s neutral stage is a perfect back-drop to show off your bejeweled neckline.

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