Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lavender Love

I stopped by Finders Keepers Fashions to check out their inventory of sundresses. It's that time during Georgia's summer when the only things that merrily survive the daily burn are dandilions and whatever bugs those are that make that creepy, screaming buzzing noise from their perches in pine trees. When I rounded the corner of the building, already sweating from the fifteen feet I'd walked from my car, another lovely creature waved at me from the break bench by the employee entrance. Christie's purple sundress peeked out from the bushes and tall grass as she enjoyed a moment to herself, which I immediately interrupted and asked if I could take her picture. She just looked so happy in that dress, like she had a really great secret. Luckily she was a fantastic sport, and happily replied that she'd gotten her whole outfit at Finders Keepers. Well wasn't that just perfect? Even more perfect: all of the displays inside the store were hues of purple, and so a theme was born. Purple is a powerful color. It both soothes and inspires, calms and demands. I have a purple candle on my desk that I light and stare at whenever I've hit a creative wall. I think lulling myself into thinking about nothing in particular helps me get out of my own way.

Christie: a favorite muse of mine and always a good sport!

Layer shades of the same color for a chic, slimming look

Make a splash in a sea of black with a little purple dress
Purple shoes: every closet needs a pair!
Guys: we like you in lavender. It gives you an in-touch sensitivity that we're drawn to like moths to light

Great minds think alike! Christie and Jackie were riding the same brainwave this morning!

p.s. Store wide sale this Saturday only! All full-priced merchandise is 25% off! I'll be there to score some summer dresses.

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